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Flying Saucer In Fort Worth Announces Official Close Date

Next Sunday, June 17, the Fort Worth location of the Flying Saucer will shut its doors on Fourth Street in preparation for their move to a new location at 111 East Third St. The managers at the location are planning a series of events in the coming days to say goodbye to the old space.

They're planning a bunch of live music and rare beer tappings over the last four days or so, according to a manager I spoke with on the phone. A plate party is in the works for the final weekend, too. Customers who have stared proudly at their names on wall-mounted saucers will finally get to take the object of their obsession home. The new location doesn't have sufficient wall space to display all the plates.

All the mirrors, neon signs and other tchotchkes that have hung on the walls for years is up for grabs too. The restaurant will auction off most of the items and donate the proceeds to the Tarrant County Food Bank.

I've only been to the current location once. I was in Fort Worth trying to get some culture and needed a quick meal before I watched Tosca toss herself from the top of a castle. The downstairs portion of the beer bar was an absolute shit show, but I really liked sitting the upstairs bar framed in a mosaic of dominoes. It's where I first met Mad Meg, that hoppy-ass bitch with a colander on her head and blood on her face. Mad Meg looked mad. She looked like I had wronged her. She looked like she could be in an opera of her own.

No word on when the second location will open. The manager said the space was about 80 percent finished.

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