Green House Truck Test Drives a New Menu

We've oohed and ahhed over Green House Truck before. Now, Michael Siegel and Ben Hutchinson, the owner-chef team behind Dallas' high-end food truck, will be offering a new menu for at least the next few weeks.

"In developing the menu, the same founding principles still apply -- a focus on flavors and ingredients, while still being healthy. Lean proteins, quality ingredients, intense flavor profiles, etc. Whether we'll make it part of the permanent menu, a new truck entirely, or part of our private-event options will depend on how our customers receive it," Siegel says.

Highlights of the menu include the selection of tacos. Big surprise for a food truck, right? Well, check out the balsamic grilled vegetables taco, a mix of grilled onions, yellow squash, zucchini, portobello mushroom and red pepper, topped with roasted corn salsa and wrapped in a corn tortilla. Or the Asian flank steak with cucumber-peanut salsa.

"Tacos are always something that I have had in mind for the menu," says Siegel, who in the past has called Austin and Los Angeles home. "A taco can be a little bit easier to eat on the run and standing up. A lot of our diners pick up food for the office or home. But for those who want to hang around the truck, the tacos are great."

These new options and a commitment to locally sourced seasonal produce are part of Siegel's and Hutchinson's success. "Our produce comes from three different distributors in town. It just depends on what is in stock and freshest. Down the line, we plan to partner with local farms and stores," Siegel says. They've also built a 5,000-square-foot facility including a kitchen to accommodate the growing demand for Green House Truck's fare. Siegel says that while they're sticking to University Park for now, Green House's next destination will be Downtown Dallas.

The new menu as well as information on locations can be found on the Green House Truck website.

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