Knife Burger is its Very Own Lunch Spot Now

The pimento cheese burger is back for lunch.
The pimento cheese burger is back for lunch. Knife
We've long lauded the burgers at Knife, including this headline we should never forget: No Fuck You, John Tesar, Because Knife's Ozersky Burger Ruined Burgers for Me.

After temporarily halting lunch service at Knife during the pandemic, chef John Tesar is ready to get back to making midday meals great again. Knife at The Highland is now open as Knife Burger from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday.

And best of all Knife Burger is part of our Burger Week, March 21-27.

Knife Burger will continue to use 44 Farms ground sirloin patties. The lunch menu includes mainstays like The Ozersky with American cheese and red onion and The Magic with cheddar cheese and bacon on an English muffin.

We visited Knife Burger this weekend to affirm our ongoing adoration for Tesar's burgers. Having tried the Ozersky, quite possibly the finest burger you could eat in Dallas, we're glad to report all is well in Knife Burger land.
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A knuckle sandwich is also on the menu.
New additions to the menu include a patty melt and The Knuckle Sandwich made lobster knuckle meat, garlic aioli and hoagie bread. They also have a 44 Farms hot dog served with cheese, sauerkraut, minced onions and minced jalapeños.

Steaks are also available at lunch including the petite filet, filet mignon and filet au Poivre and the dry-aged, bone-in rib-eye.

The dessert menu is also worth checking. The Banana, Bourbon and Dulce is worth its $12 price and more. Banana panna cotta is an underrated dessert, combined with the Bourbon compressed banana, dulce ganache and dulce ice cream. It's sweet heaven on a white porcelain plate.

Knife goes back to its regularly scheduled steakhouse programming at 5 p.m. daily.

Knife Burger at The Highland, 5300 E Mockingbird Lane. Open 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday
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Chance Townsend is the Dallas Observer's food intern for spring 2022. He's a grad student at UNT, and his favorite time of the day is unlimited mimosa brunch. If he's not writing about food then he's probably in the kitchen cooking it.

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