Lazy Dog welcomes your furry buddy. The patio is dog friendly.
Lazy Dog welcomes your furry buddy. The patio is dog friendly.
Shawna Moore

Lazy Dog Opens in Addison With Special Puppy Menu

The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, a California-based restaurant chain, is now open in Addison. The massive eatery is located in the Village on the Parkway along with a Whole Foods and Hopdoddy and serves pot roast, chicken poblano and lamb stroganoff along with more predictable plates including pizzas, burgers and things that ooze with cheese.

And I was serious when I said massive. If the Lazy Dog were an actual dog it would be a heavy-set Newfoundland. The restaurant boasts more than 8,000 square feet of interior space and will employ more than 200 when it's fully staffed. There's even a large, dog-friendly patio with a menu just for Fido or Sherbet or whatever you call your dog. Grilled meats and rice will keep your furry friend free of intestinal distress (we hope), but increased begging behaviors back at home are on you.

Now we're not recommending any of this for your companion, but you should know Deep Ellum, Lakewood and some other local breweries have infiltrated the beer list, and it's nice to see a company that's based in a far away land embrace our local beer culture. Just keep the suds out of the water bowls. A huge outdoor patio filled with drunk dogs that have just consumed a plateful of people-food is an obvious disaster waiting to happen.

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