Them's Fightin' Words. Right?">

"Olivella's: Greatest Pizza in Texas."
Them's Fightin' Words. Right?

There might be more fight in the words "greatest pizza" back east, where folks tend to inherit their dough and sauce allegiances. But if Dallasites can get riled up about burgers and tacos, they can surely find reasons to quibble with USA Today's selection of Olivella's pies as the best statewide.

"You can get a fancy, wood-oven pizza done up with arugula, pears and blue cheese," Fort Worth food writer June Naylor, the paper's "local expert," wrote in a blurb explaining her selection. "Or you can get one with these amazing Italian meats prosciutto, pancetta, and cold cuts you don't see often.

Naylor won't get any argument from Unfair Park's Robert Wilonsky, who e-mailed me the link: "Couldn't agree more," he says.

I still haven't been to Olivella's, although I've made many visits to its sister pizzeria, Neo, easily the best spot for downtown dwellers to get a decent Margherita pizza, salad and glass of red wine after 9 p.m.

What do you think? Did Naylor get it right? And how'd the other 49 local experts do? Is anyone else bothered that the Ohio informant snubbed Dayton's legendary pizza parlors? Or that the New Yorker picked a pie from Scarsdale?

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