We Try the Pico de Gallo Burger from Whataburger

The pico de gallo burger from Whataburger
The pico de gallo burger from Whataburger TC Fleming
When I was around 6 years old, my mom had a distant acquaintance run some grift selling other moms something called the “Calendar of Virtues.”

It was the kind of thing I imagine would have a hard time selling without relying on guilting distant acquaintances into buying it. A couple of days each week would have some kind of activity suggested out of a maniacally misguided idea of what “builds character.” One day it was to eat eggplant.

My mother has no special talent for cooking, but her first attempt at eggplant was a new low. It was the first time I was eager to accept the “go to bed hungry” option of the "finish your plate or go to bed hungry" ultimatum. That was the first time I’d had eggplant, and I will go to my grave with it as my last time having eggplant.

I mention all that to say, a lot of food opinions frequently come down to odd personal quirks and preferences. So when I tell you I’ll never order the Whataburger pico de gallo burger again, it’s really not a slam.

Lots of people like peppers, but the sandwich has way too many peppers for me. So I’m not saying they made a big error. I’m just saying I don’t like peppers.

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The sauce may look messy, but it's the best part.
TC Fleming
Now what I will tell you is that the creamy cilantro-lime sauce is a fun little addition. I’ve never had this kind of lime taste on a burger, and it’s good. I struggle a little to imagine how Whataburger could work it into different future items, but I would be interested in those items.

The construction of the burger is two beef patties on a toasted 5-inch bun with two slices of pepper jack cheese, pico de gallo (fresh, the website insists) and the sauce that's the highlight of the meal. And, just for a fun comparison of advertising versus reality, here's what Whataburger portrays the burger to look like.

Even if it’s not my cup of tea, I’m excited to see Whataburger continue to experiment in the burger space. This is a cool idea even if it’s not up my alley. If you can handle — perhaps even desire — a 1:1 beef-to-peppers ratio, I would recommend a stop.
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