Pizza Hut Fights Subway With New, Fascinatingly-Named Sandwich: The P'Zolo

It's sandwich wars.

Plano-based Pizza Hut is making a pass at sandwiches again, as The New York Times reported yesterday, with the three new designs bearing the name P'Zolo. Aside from the name sounding like a George Lucas character, the "sandwiches" are designed to destroy the uber-successful, five-dollar foot-long at Subway in one shot. According to the Times:

"We want to give consumers a new opportunity to access the brand," said Kurt Kane, chief marketing officer at Pizza Hut in Plano, Tex., especially "our core consumers, who tend to be young adult males."

The goal is for the P'Zolo to be "the antidote for the everyday sandwich," he added. "We're happy to pick a fight with sub players today on consumers' behalf."

Zang! Gauntlet thrown. The Hut's sandwiches come in three recipes, so far: the meat trio, the Italian steak (pretty much a cheese steak), and Buffalo chicken. They're three dollars each and two for five bucks. I'd expect the Empire Subway to strike back with a cheaper, possibly planet-sized sub soon.

Hut fans will always know that P'Zolo shot first.

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