Six Reasons We Can't Wait for Glazed Donuts in Deep Ellum to Open on Friday

There are at least 98 reasons why we're excited about Glazed Donuts Works in Deep Ellum (2644 Elm St.) opening this Friday, but each one of these reasons is worth 27 Weight Watchers points, and since we drink a lot of our points, rationing for doughnuts puts us off-grid.

So here are six reasons why we are absolutely giddy-as-a-hungry-schoolgirl about this new spot.

1. They do nice things for other people: As part of their just being super-fantastic-nice-people, Glazed will be taking their fresh baked goods to local fire departments, or any form of "first responders," every Friday. Heads up, Dallas fire stations: If you hear a knock and they're wearing a pink apron with a light dusting of flour, make haste like a five-alarm.

2. Opening day of Glazed coincides with the date we lost the King of Rock and Roll, so they've made a doughnut in his honor. The Elvis Killer has peanut butter, bacon, banana and honey.

3. Glazed loves Deep Ellum. And we love Deep Ellum. Another tribute on the menu is the Blind Limoncello, which is a doughnut lightly sprinkeled in powdered sugar with a bright yellow Limoncello sun poached in the middle.

4. In addition to doing nice things for first responders and all of our souls and bellies, they're making vegan doughnuts. Just this morning Glazed posted a picture of a banana nut cake doughnut made with real bananas, pecans and a from-scratch maple icing.

5. But the thing that tops all culinary events in this city for the year is a creation that includes two of our favorite things: doughnuts and Texas booze. The bananas fosters fritter is made with caramelized bananas, butter, brown sugar, Treaty Oak Rum (from Austin) and vanilla. There's also a pineapple rum upside down fritter with a pineapple coconut glaze, which also has Treaty Oak Rum in both the dough and the glaze. Oh. This. Hurts.

6. The Achocolypse Now is like a perfect cannon ball into a cool pool for a chocolate lover. Here's the description from their Facebook page:

Chocolate Yeast Raised made from scratch Bismark filled with a Bourbon chocolate pastry cream dipped in dark chocolate icing, sprinkled with crumbled chocolate cake and drizzled with our signature hand made chocolate ganache. "Tastes like Victory..."

All hand-crafted from scratch every morning. It's time to make the doughnuts. And this is why Friday can't get here soon enough.

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