Spork Has a Killer Double Chocolate Cone

In a past life, Spork was a Sonic Drive-In. Chef Eric Justice and partners have jazzed it up with an outer space theme, but the ghosts of footlong chili cheese coneys and Route 44 cherry limeades linger. Ketchup-and mustard-colored neon, for example, still adorn the parking lot-turned patio.

Better than any passable soft serve Sonic ever dished up, Spork has nailed their double chocolate cone. Created by Katherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate, it has a surprisingly salty, deep cocoa flavor. The best way to enjoy it? Sit at the bar beneath one of the UFO-shaped pendant lights, close your eyes, and allow yourself to be transported to a planet where Clapner is Chocolate Queen of the Galaxy.

First, you’ll need to decide the best way to relish your double chocolate delight. Your choices: milkshake, root beer or Dr Pepper float, swirl, cone, or cup. For me, the choice is obvious — forget the word “swirl” and savor the unadulterated rich chocolate in a cone or cup.

One serving delivers a powerful wallop. When my cone landed before me in its tiny metal spaceship, I wondered where the rest of it was. By the time I’d licked up the last of it, though, I felt perfectly satisfied. When the bartender asked, “Chase it with another?” it was too late. I’d already been beamed up to Planet Clapner. 

Spork, 6110 Frankford Road, sporkdallas.com

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