Stratos Is Giving Free Delicious Gyros to Furloughed Government Employees

Federal employment is typically viewed as a pretty great deal. You get a pension, lots of holidays those corporate types never get, and an eight-hour work day that somehow feels like seven. You also a bunch of unplanned time off when the cronies on Capitol Hill fight, which could quickly start to cramp their opa funding for most.

Thankfully, there is a new added benefit to federal employment, and the Republicans will have a hard time taking this one away. Stratos is giving away free gyros (yee-rohs) and they're not being cheap about it.

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You may remember Stratos from the gyro crawl I endured with our old web editor Nick Rallo. I described their sandwich as buttery, garlicky, messy and even pornographic. Rallo disappeared shortly after and we haven't heard from him since.

We heard from Nick Rizos, who owns the massive Northwest Highway restaurant, though. His giving a free gyro to every federal employee willing to pay him a visit. The once-a-day offer stands until the furlough ends, so you could potentially end up taking in a lot of gyro meat in the coming weeks. Or even months?

It's time to buy stock in napkins.

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