Sure, Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream is Gimmicky, But Is It Any Good? At Sub Zero, It Really Is

What isn’t made more awesome by a foggy blast of -321-degree liquid nitrogen? Nothing, obviously. Its power to simultaneously boil and freeze whatever it comes into contact with provides endless fascinating opportunities for hammer-smashing of random objects. Put to even better use, it brings ice cream to the next level. This is exactly the concept at work at Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt in Hurst.

The magic is in the making. You select your liquid base, flavors and mix-ins, which get a quick shot of liquid nitrogen. (Those with dietary considerations or allergies will love the highly customizable options, including vegan and sugar-free choices.) Just 15 seconds later, your fresh creation emerges from a cloudy vapor, leaving you trying hard — real hard — not to geek out. The effect? A velvety-smooth texture unique to the flash-freezing process.

This ultra-fine texture is especially noticeable in their Italian ices. More delicate than a snow cone, silkier than a sorbet, they answer the plea for much-needed refreshment in the summer heat. Flavors like mojito and watermelon are delightfully tart and sweet.

If decisions freak you out and you don't want to bother with selecting ingredients, order a "sensation." These are pre-formulated recipes created before your very eyes. Each has a science-y name like the Strawberry Sigma and Bernoulli Brulee. Fortunately you aren't required to understand the Bernoulli Principle in order enjoy the richness of house-made dulce de leche, caramel, Heath bars and Twix.

Put this one at the top of your list of frozen treat priorities. Take advantage of 99-cent Italian ice Tuesdays, join the Saturday night spill-out-the-door-crowds, or slip in at a random hour when you’re more likely to have all the theatrics to yourself. 

Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt, 9986 Grapevine Highway, Hurst

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Kellie Reynolds
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