Disco Diamond's throne at Sweet Tooth Hotel's Prince pop-up bar, ReignEXPAND
Disco Diamond's throne at Sweet Tooth Hotel's Prince pop-up bar, Reign
Susie Oszustowicz

There’s a Prince-Themed Pop-Up Cocktail Bar, With Silent Disco, Hidden in Victory Park

We're not the only ones who've grown bored of the uber Insta-friendly pop-up "art experiences" happening across the city. A fun novelty at first, walking through endless, overly tailored Snapchat experiences — sober, mind you — gets old fast.

One of these pop-ups has finally brought us something we didn't already have in spades: a Prince-themed pop-up cocktail bar.

Sweet Tooth Hotel is bringing us something new: the chance to drink while being overly stimulated by visually stunning experiences with Reign, its Prince-inspired cocktail bar. Reign gives us a little more than curated rooms; it gives us curated rooms that we can experience with a cocktail.

If you don't love incredibly sweet cocktails, these probably won't be your style.EXPAND
If you don't love incredibly sweet cocktails, these probably won't be your style.
Susie Oszustowicz

Walk in and you're met by a purple-lit room with your first handful of picture opportunities and a bar. Choose from the five aptly named cocktails like the Little Red Corvette and the Raspberry Beret. All of them are sweet-tooth pleasers, as one would expect from a bar in the Sweet Tooth Hotel. They aren't bad, per se, but you should definitely be prepared to brush your teeth twice after drinking one.

If you're not into sugar bomb cocktails, you can opt for a beer or Truly sparkling seltzer ($6). Still not into it? Go full Insta-worthy and get bubbles. Don't expect a deal, though — you can order a glass for $10 or the bottle for $60, and the quality is far from its original offering of our office favorite, G.H. Mumm.

Tote your intriguingly garnished drink past the bar to the first of four different vignettes where you're given the chance to don silent disco headphones. The music is a curated mix by Disco Diamond, the "intergalactic pop star who’s come down to Earth as part of her planetary tour." (Eye roll.) Each of the three channels corresponds with a room you'll visit to make it an immersive experience. Just make sure to check your voice level when they're on so you don't look like an ass. We know this from personal experience.

Don't forget your silent disco headphones to round out the experience.EXPAND
Don't forget your silent disco headphones to round out the experience.
Susie Oszustowicz

The rooms give you the chance to take epic selfies on "Disco Diamond's Throne," put on your own concert on a stage experience curated by Duck Lights and Cole Keeton or take the road trip with your P.Y.T. in "Joyride." There's more to these vignettes than the chance to take your new profile picture. Make sure you appreciate the projections on all walls (and some props) by PX.LAB.

The last room, the VIP Green Room, is reserved for VIP guests, but it's definitely an experience the more en vogue of us will be intrigued by. Enter a plush green, pink and yellow dressing room and try on clothes by avant-garde local designer Noel Rodriguez. Get decked out and snap a selfie at the selfie station.

Arm not long enough for a selfie or having trouble getting the right light? The team is happy to lend a hand and a light. They are, quite literally, doing it for the 'gram.

Don a raspberry beret and drink a Raspberry Beret.EXPAND
Don a raspberry beret and drink a Raspberry Beret.
Susie Oszustowicz

Unlike the rest of Sweet Tooth Hotel, which requires tickets and reservations, the bar experience is free with the purchase of a drink. Entrance to the VIP room is $40. Sweet Tooth Hotel offers special events and buyouts of the space.

Reign, 2316 Victory Park Lane. Open noon-9 p.m. Sunday and Thursday (closed Fourth of July), noon-10 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

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