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The French Room Readies to Open With New Look, New Chef and a Bar and Salon

This is how The French Room looked last year — but it’s been closed several months for a renovation, which also includes a new bar and salon.
This is how The French Room looked last year — but it’s been closed several months for a renovation, which also includes a new bar and salon. Taylor Danser
Last summer, The French Room at the Adolphus Hotel decided to close its opulent doors to renovate its space and its concept. There was uncertainty over whether longtime employees — some of whom had been at The French Room for 20 or 30 years — would be left behind during the high-end restaurant’s facelift. While we don’t yet know the fate of The French Room’s team, or the date when The French Room 2.0 will open (“Slated for opening in 2017,” according to a recent press release), here’s what we do know:

The Adolphus has tapped chef Michael Ehlert (Front Room Tavern, Hibiscus) to take over The French Room’s kitchen. Ehlert’s “interpretation of classic French cookery” will extend to a new concept: The French Room Bar and Salon. Via a press release:

The Salon is a chic, lounge-worthy space that welcomes guests just outside of The French Room and features curated artwork from prominent Texas artists. The Bar, adjacent to The French Room, is an effortlessly cool and stylish cocktail venue offering a thoughtful beverage program and shareable plates.
As for what The French Room 2.0 will look like — this is the space’s first renovation since the 1980s — you can expect a renewed dedication to French-tinged fanciness designed by Dallas firm SWOON The Studio.

 ... the renovation features meticulously applied candlelight-white Venetian plaster walls reminiscent of Parisian landmarks complementing gilded Louis XVI-style chairs, and the twin Italian Murano Glass chandeliers restored to their original sparkle. 
Aside from that, you can expect “thoughtful table-side flourishes and a comprehensive wine program,” according to a press release.
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