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The Hot-Off-the-Grill Burgers and Selena Tributes at Country Burger

Mural of Selena at Country Burger
Mural of Selena at Country Burger Lauren Drewes Daniels
Recently while driving north along Hampton Road on a Friday afternoon, I noticed a line of cars wrapped around an orange-ish building. I immediately hung a U-turn from the middle lane because there was an obvious fuss about something, and I saw the word “Burger.”

I joined the drive-thru line at Country Burger. If everyone else there needed a pregame dinner on Friday at 4:30 p.m., then I did, too. I listened closely to the lady in front of me as she ordered for a bit of insight. She got a “country burger” and a cheeseburger (the first is a child’s meal). Good to know.

Despite a lot of reviews that complain about the wait in the drive-thru at Country Burger, it was fast enough. It’s not McDonald’s-fast, but that’s OK. That expediency comes with its pros and cons. Country Burger is in a different league. Manager Rafael Jimenez took my order at the intercom, and after no more than five minutes, handed me my food, heat emanating from the bag.

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Country burger with fries
Lauren Drewes Daniels
Country Burger is a basic neighborhood spot, with very reasonable prices for burgers right off the grill. The large cheeseburger combo (there’s also a small and medium) comes with a quarter-pound of meat and a large cup of fries and a drink for $7.99.

Country Burger also serves chili-cheese dogs, Frito pie, chicken sandwiches, chili-cheese nachos, chicken-fried steak, ham and a double-meat bacon-cheese sandwich. I didn’t get onion rings, but after reading a bit about them, I will soon.

Jimenez has been managing Country Burger for more than 20 years. He says he has garnered a steady group of regulars over the years, which is supported by a reliable staff. It’s not frilly, just a place to grab a good burger.

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Country Burger on Hampton Road
Lauren Drewes Daniels
Country Burger is also very popular for its extensive collection of Selena (Quintanilla-Pérez) memorabilia. A mural of the Queen of Tejano music is on the outside of the building and is a popular spot for selfies. And it's particularly beautiful with a setting winter sun throwing a golden glow on it.

Jimenez hosts an annual Selena Day as a way to give his community a place to celebrate everything that Selena represents. This event is usually held around the anniversary of her passing, March 31. This year that falls on a Tuesday, and there aren’t solid plans yet, but Jimenez says he’ll probably hold the event the Saturday before, March 28.

In the meantime, get in line or go inside for a grilled burger, and be sure to get an order of onion rings.

Country Burger, 401 S. Hampton Road (Oak Cliff). Open 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.
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