They're Building a Football Field-Long Sushi Roll at AT&T Stadium to Fight Hunger

The North Texas Food Bank is heading into the holiday season with a novel event: the construction and consumption of a 100-yard-long sushi roll at AT&T Stadium.

On November 20, Legends Hospitality and Chef Yutaka Yamato, of Yutaka Sushi Bistro and lead sushi chef of concessions at Legends, will oversee assembly of the massive roll, utilizing a football-field-length sheet of nori, 100 pounds of rice, 80 pounds of asparagus, five pounds of serrano peppers and 100 pounds of Wagyu beef (that volume of tuna in open air would probably be ... iffy).

The first 150 volunteers to arrive at 1:30 p.m. will be allowed in to help construct the roll and eat the roll, and the Food Bank is hoping that the event will raise awareness about hunger in North Texas and inspire people to make more donations. Check in is at Entry A. Legends Hospitality will also donate $1 to NTFB for every stadium tour ticket purchased on November 20.

Sushi has yet to really take off as sport food, which is a shame because it's certainly more portable and less messy than a tray of nachos. And who has ever heard of nachos for charity?

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