This Vegan Poutine is So Good, You Won't Even Care That the Gravy is Meat-Free

By now, North Texas is well aware that Spiral Diner — the long-running vegan diner with locations in Oak Cliff and Fort Worth — makes great food. This meat-free, egg-free, dairy-free food isn't just great for vegan food, it's just plain great, even if you're an omnivore. Every month, they offer a few different limited-run specials, and this month it's all about that gravy. 

In the last few years, we've all witnessed the great Canadian poutine migration. You can find takes on this dish — traditionally made with french fries, cheese curds and gravy — on menus all over town. Blind Butcher has its own poutine menu with mushroom, duck, pork belly and pulled pork versions, and the relatively new Maple Leaf Diner serves up the classic Canadian version. And until June 1, you can try another take: Spiral Diner's vegan poutine, made with potatoes, Daiya dairy-free cheese and a soy-based "country gravy" made with onion and flour. 

Meat or no meat, this is a damn good dish. Does it taste exactly like a traditional poutine? Of course not, silly, but it's such an indulgent, flavorful dish that you're likely to forget it's meat-free. The gravy is creamy and beautifully salty, and the Daiya cheese, made with tapioca flour and pea protein, melts just like a dairy-based cheese would. When topped with the gravy, this gooey cheese substitute feels like the real deal. In fact, we were so impressed with Daiya's superb meltiness that we bought a bag to test it out at home. While we definitely don't recommend eating it raw from the bag, these dairy-free bits of science really do melt well and give dishes a creamy, cheesy feel. 

If you want to try this take on poutine — and you do — act fast, because it's only on special until June 1. Another gravy-covered item to try before it disappears the same day: Spiral Diner's Country Skillet Burrito, filled with veggies, fake sausage and topped either with Canyonero sauce, reminiscent of salsa, or the country gravy. If you're feeling wild, order yours Harvey Dent style, which gives you a little of both. 
Pop out to Spiral Diner by June 1 to try these dishes out — and while you're there, beg them to add these dishes to the standard menu. Because no one should have to go without gravy just because they don't eat meat.

Spiral Diner, 1101 N. Beckley Ave., Dallas and 1314 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth
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