Tonight at Meddlesome Moth, a Lesson in the Combined Power of Twitter and Burger Cravings

Raise your hand if, when your spouse is out of town, you plan your meals like you've just been released from prison?

Okay, put your hands down. This perplexes me. Honestly, does your spouse normally restrict or mandate what you eat? Why does where we eat become the biggest decision we make when the spouse is gone?

That happened to Eric Swayne last summer when his wife took the kids to Houston for a week. His quest wasn't so simple, though. Not only did he want a good burger, he wanted the entire city to join him. So, using all the social media tools he could get his hungry little fingertips on, he posted, tweeted and chatted.

"This kind of 'burger tweet-up' has been around before," Swayne explains. "But it was more of an informal thing between guys. I published it to a bunch of friends using every channel I had, and we had about 15 show up that first lunch at Five Guys. It's grown ever since."

Now a regular monthly event, the curiosity of how far Swayne can expand his network of friends and even rope in new people is just half of the appeal. The other half is, of course, a great burger.

For instance: Tonight, Swayne's "DFW Burger Meetup 03 -- Burger Night Out" is descending on The Meddlesome Moth, who happens to be making a special off-menu burger just for the group: a Burgundy Pasture beef patty topped with melted Brie and a balsamic fig jam.

"The Meetup is a little bit of an experiment for me," saya Swayne, whose day job happens to be in social media. "Just seeing how big this thing can get is fun. But really the point of group is twofold: to get out to great burger places and to meet new people."

So if the spouse is out of town you're set. If not, even better. Bring him or her with and head over to the Moth Thursday from 6 to 9 p.m.

Twitter: #DFWBurgerMeetup Facebook: DFWBurgerMeetup03

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.