Truck Yard Adds Soft Serve From the Makers of Melt

Dallas' first flirtation with Melt Ice Creams was brief. Kari Crowe opened a second location of her popular Fort Worth-based ice cream shop in the Urban Acres space in Oak Cliff, only to watch the grocery close a few weeks later. The local food business can be difficult here in Dallas.

Crowe's next endeavor looks like it has staying power. Expect a new line of soft serve ice cream treats, offered by Strong Women, to take over the Truck Yard as soon as December. If the constant crowds are any indication, Jason Boso's Truck Yard isn't going anywhere anytime soon, and as long as Crowe and Boso work well together, chocolate-dipped ice cream cones should be available at the window that used to offer Carnival Barker's Ice Cream.

Cramped working conditions were one of the reasons cited for the departure of Carnival Barker's. Ice cream maker Aaron Barker crammed both his production and sales efforts into the tiny corner of Truck Yard's kitchen, creating conflicts every time someone opened a refrigerator door or made a run for the sink. Crowe hopes her new business will fit into the space more seamlessly — that's why she's serving soft serve instead of the creatively flavored traditional ice cream she'd become known for in Fort Worth.

Motor Sisters will still take every opportunity to infuse creativity into their cones, which will pay homage to women with notable historic achievements. The Amelia Earhart, for instance, coats a Nutella-dipped cone in a mix of pretzels and peanuts. If cold ice cream isn't your thing on a nippy December afternoon, Crowe says she's working on other treats, too.

Motor Sisters, 5624 Sears St.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.