Everyone wants one.
Everyone wants one.
Lauren Drewes Daniels

We Ordered the Baby Yoda Frappuccino at Starbucks and It WORKED!

There's a little Baby Yoda around the internet, and he's just so cute, Starbucks is getting involved.

We caught wind of a Baby Yoda Frappuccino at the coffee chain and rock-paper-scissored to see which lucky writer would go order it. We needed proof that matcha green tea, caramel, ice and whipped cream can be cajoled into a Baby Yoda.

We actually mostly needed to know what Baby Yoda tasted like. (Ew.)

So, I walked up to the Starbucks counter and asked, "Have y'all heard of the Baby Yoda?”

And I was told quickly, flatly, exactly word for m-effin word: “No, because it doesn’t exist.”

I channeled Andy from The Office and was all like, “It’s on my phone, so, yes, it does. Hey-O! Boom. Burned by the phone.”

I placed my order, very specifically, then went and nervously awaited it's ... um... creation? ...  in a corner.

A bit of whipped cream styling achieves a fuller effect.EXPAND
A bit of whipped cream styling achieves a fuller effect.
Lauren Drewes Daniels

Lo and behold, it worked! I think, anyway. I mean, a mom always adores her babies no matter what, right? And, I did add a little embellishment to the whipped cream, but I honestly think it works better that way.

A barista who is a bit more heavy-handed with the caramel might allow for a better cloak, but I'm not getting picky here (mostly because I'm non-confrontational).

I proudly showed it to the person who took my order, “Look! Hey! Hey! Look! It worked!”

He looked at it, me, us — cracked a wee bit of a smile and then flatly asked me, “Yeah, but does it taste good?”

Who cares, right? It’s adorable! Not like I’m going to swing by the safe baby Yoda drop-off site if it doesn’t. I love him! He's all mine! Besides, it's a cup of ding-dong sugar, how could it taste bad?

The order goes like so:
• Matcha green tea Frappuccino
• Add caramel drizzle to the cup
• Top with whipped cream and caramel, style as needed

Nailed it! 

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