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Unassuming White Rock Gas Station Offers Pupusas to Love

Not just a gas station this one.
Not just a gas station this one. Taylor Adams
There’s a Texaco gas station just south of White Rock Lake, not far from the Hollywood/Santa Monica neighborhood, where all seems pretty typical except for some signage at the peak of the building: “Pupusas to-go.”

We’re betting that the $1.39 pupusas from this place will make you pretty happy.

There’s a drive-thru, kind of. You’ll see signage for one, then land at a trash bin — keep going and you’ll get to the solitary window to order and takeaway, unless you’re getting pupusas, which take longer.

And you should get pupusas, so call in your order to be picked up.

click to enlarge Steaming-hot pupusas travel well. - TAYLOR ADAMS
Steaming-hot pupusas travel well.
Taylor Adams
You can’t go wrong with the frijoles and queso here. Similar to the gorditas we love, the little pocket of melted cheese oozing together with beans is a proper thing to warm up your hands and your soul. The cheese, in this one or alone in a pupusa, has a lovely saltiness to make you want to keep eating.

One of the best parts inside the Styrofoam container is the bright slaw that comes alongside them. You’ll want the crisp, bright cabbage on every bite of the masa-cheese-meat combo.

You can also get chicharron with bean and cheese or with cheese, and there’s a spinach and queso — this spinach option comes recommended by a friend.

click to enlarge Tacos from Pupusas To-Go. - TAYLOR ADAMS
Tacos from Pupusas To-Go.
Taylor Adams
The tacos aren’t worth skipping either. Well, maybe skip the carnitas. But you won’t be disappointed in the slightest with the al pastor or asada. For $1.50 coming out of an East Dallas gas station, these are nothing to be mad about: a little fatty, full of flavor and containing some crispy bites that make these little tacos worthy of a quick lunch.

If you really need to watch your dollars: Go for pupusas on Wednesdays, when they’re 99 cents all day.

Pupusas To-Go, 5711 E. Grand Ave. (East Dallas). Open 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.
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