You Like This: Featuring Chef Richard Blankenship from CBD Provisions

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Welcome to "You Like This," in which we ask chefs two questions: 1) What's the best-selling dish at your restaurant? and 2) What's your favorite dish at your restaurant? We hope the answer to the first question will open your eyes to the fan favorites and the Dallas palate, and that perhaps the answer to that second question will inspire you to go out on a kickass food limb once in a while. This week's You Like This features chef Richard Blankenship from CBD Provisions.

Hey, chef! What’s the best-selling dish at CBD?
Oddly enough, it’s the Burger (Texas grass-fed cheeseburger, chef’s take on the In-N-Out burger — double beef patty, "fancy sauce," lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion). It makes sense because we offer that item during most hours of the day (during lunch, happy hour and dinner — so, from 11 a.m. to 12 a.m.) —  and sometimes after if the bar is slammed. It does always make me laugh because we’re definitely not a burger restaurant, but I think Dallas is slowly becoming a bit of a burger town, way more so than Tex-Mex or barbecue, the usual Texas staples.
What’s your favorite dish at CBD?
We just added a roasted beet and avocado salad on the menu – it’s great! Very vibrant but surprisingly healthy. I like to do salads that are based around roasted or raw vegetables rather than just greens. This salad is more substantial than most, and I think you can get some great aromatic flavors by combining veggies in different ways. In our salad, the avocado takes place of cheese (which is the typical antagonist in a beet salad) and the dressing is a sharp, spicy mustard vinaigrette. I’ve always loved the combination of mustard and avocado. I find that the sharp mustard really helps to cut the rich and creamy fruit.

If you could give any advice to a Dallas diner who’s scared to venture out and try something new, what would it be?
Since I live in Denton, I usually have to drive a ways if I want to try out a new restaurant. As a result, I often stay close to home and have found some great local spots that I probably would have never found otherwise. So, my suggestion would be to explore your own neighborhood, and don’t overlook the hole-in-the-wall places or the restaurant you’ve passed 1,000 times but have never gone in – there may be some great food in there.

If you haven't yet been to CBD Provisions, I'm not sure why you live here, and you need to get your face there immediately. Try that pig face, too. It goes unmentioned here, but it's a stunner. If you're afraid of eating the face of a pig, it's worth getting over that. I promise. You like this.

CBD Provisions is located at 1530 Main St., 214-261-4500

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