Top 10 Foods We Really Miss

How long has the Hershey's bar occupied grocery shelves? It's just a sheath of inferior chocolate, but you can pick one up just about anywhere. Meanwhile, far more interesting treats disappear from the shelves.

The way we eat and our taste in foods is subject to whims, nudged by marketing campaigns, altered by factors such as availability and health standards. When fast food restaurants began popping up, for example, the drive-in fell out of favor.

Some of this is easy to explain, of course. Chop suey houses faded from the American landscape when more authentic dishes became readily available. Sometimes, however, the disappearance of an item makes no sense at all.

Either way, there are times when we all stop, look back, and think "I used to love those things."

So here are the 10 we miss the most:

10. Kellogg's Danish Go-Rounds
Like Pop-Tarts, these were boxed toaster pastries with fruit filling. But somehow they were so much better. Why? The shape was different--a kind of serpentine, lower intestines-ish swirl. The sugary glaze carried more sweetness your taste buds. And they just seemed more sophisticated. So naturally the company ditched these in favor of the more plebeian tart.

9. Home delivery of milk
Some places still offer the service. For the most part, however, home delivery is a thing of the past. We're not really sure if grocery shopping is more or less convenient than having someone drop off a gallon or two on a regular basis. Guess if you need something right away, the store is better. But there was something comfortable in the idea of a milkman, wasn't there? Or maybe that's just nostalgia talking.

8. Cigarette gum
Remember these? A pack of gum sticks rolled into paper wrappers that resembled cigarettes? They were dusted with powdered sugar, so one puff would cause a realistic cloud of "smoke." If you wanted to step up, there were bubble gum cigars. More of a redneck? They sold shredded gum in pouches under the name Big League Chew. The anti-tobacco crowd should have left these things alone.

7. Carnation Breakfast Bars
Yeah, OK--they were kinda nasty, though in a good way: peanut butter-ish flavor, a thin coating of chocolate, chewy and crumbly at the same time. There was a certain familiarity to them, with nuts and grain and indecipherable tastes. And they packed a good chunk of the vitamins and protein you needed for a day. The downside? Well, if any it was that kids couldn't stop after two or three.

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