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Bianca Del Rio Is 'One Lucky Bitch'

Bianca Del Rio will bring her fab drag act to Dallas on Nov.1.
Bianca Del Rio will bring her fab drag act to Dallas on Nov.1. Matt Crockett
Bianca Del Rio is coming to town. The RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 winner will grace the stage at Majestic Theater with her irreverent presence on Monday, Nov. 1, as part of her Unsanitized Tour.

We caught up with the entertainer in between stops on her tour, which has been going on for weeks. Or days. Or months. Don’t ask her to give you a time frame; she completely loses her sense of time while touring.

“You really have no concept of time when you’re on the road,” Del Rio says. “Each city, you're kind of in and out, and only through social media do I know what day it is.”

It certainly didn’t help that Facebook and Instagram were down the day before our interview. Nevertheless, Del Rio considers herself “one lucky bitch” to be touring again and entertaining the masses. Making people laugh “energizes” the queen, and she is happy to experience somewhat of a sense of normalcy.

“I've given up on normal,” Del Rio says. “I just say ‘normality,’ meaning masks are now normal, washing your hands every five minutes is normal, although I've always washed my hands a lot. But the interesting thing is just being back amongst people, because normally I hate everyone, so this has been nice to actually be back on the road and have audiences.”

Del Rio has found inspiration again in the two years since she last toured, digging into the subjects she most wants to discuss: political events, the pandemic and the “52 spin-offs of RuPaul’s Drag Race” during her tour.

Among the various Drag Race spin-offs is RuPaul’s Drag Race UK, where Victoria Scone made "herstory" after competing as the franchise’s first cisgender woman queen. Del Rio says she supports Scone and shuts down the gatekeepers of drag.

“I am so sick of everybody going, ‘Drag should be this, drag should be that,’” Del Rio says. “It's about being happy. Honestly, if I sat down and tried to get approval from someone on what I want to do with my life, I would never have gotten anything done. Go do what the fuck you like. Over the years I've done drag, I've done it with several drag kings and I've done it with women who were in drag. And I think it is important to be seen, without a doubt. There is no right or wrong way to do drag.”

Whether you’re a Drag Race fan or have never seen an episode, you’ve more than likely come across a meme with some variation of Del Rio’s catchphrase “Not today, Satan! Not today.” When recording the confessionals during her stint on Drag Race, Del Rio had no idea that her little quip would result in the creation of GIFs, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, and T-shirts, including one infamously worn by former The View host Candace Cameron Bure.

“It all kind of mashes together, because we're doing this every day over a series of weeks,” Del Rio says. “I didn't even remember what I said or what took place. I even came back and told friends of mine that I was nice the first five episodes, not knowing that really wasn't the case. I've seen my face drawn beautifully, and I've seen it drawn horribly and I've seen it strikingly resemble the devil. I get to look at all of it, and I welcome all of it.”

“Honestly, if I sat down and tried to get approval from someone on what I want to do with my life, I would never have gotten anything done. Go do what the fuck you like." –Bianca Del Rio

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After the Unsanitized tour ends, Del Rio will fly to London to rehearse for the U.K. and American legs of Everybody’s Talking About Jamie, a musical based on a documentary called Jamie: Drag Queen at 16, showcasing Jamie Campbell, who dreams of being a drag queen. Del Rio, who will reprise her role as Loco Chanelle, first saw Everybody’s Talking About Jamie in 2018 in the West End.

“I had seen the show months before that, with Michelle Visage, who was playing Miss Hedge, the school teacher who was ruining the young boy's dream — if you can imagine Michelle ruining somebody's drag dream," Del Rio says. "I didn't even imagine myself in the show or anything, I just loved the story. And I loved the fact that it wasn't about being gay or too preachy. It was just basically a story of a boy that wanted to be a drag queen. And months later, I got a call and asked if I'd be interested in doing it.”

Del Rio also has a brief cameo in the musical’s Amazon Prime Video movie adaptation. “But don’t blink,” she warns. She also promises her fans [film sequel] Hurricane Bianca 3 has “been written,” and she will find time to film following her various tours.

While she may not always be aware of the day or time, Del Rio looks forward to having some Texas-sized fun next week.

Del Rio says she always enjoys Dallas and spending time with fellow Drag Race alumni Shangela and Alyssa Edwards. The only thing about the city she takes issue with is the “ugly carpet at the [DFW] Airport.”

After an eventful two years, Del Rio is grateful for the chance to “laugh and cut the fuck up” with her fans.

“Life has been wild, and I've been able to get back, as I said, to some form of normality,” Del Rio says. “I'm actually out working again and shows are selling out. I still have to carry my own suitcases, so I’m not that fancy, but just to get back on the road again and to do what I love and to be appreciated for it has been really amazing.”
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