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#AlexFromTarget: A Local (We're Guessing) Target Employee Gets His 15 Minutes of Fame

Teenaged girls are a peculiar species. And Twitter is an even weirder place. Put those two together and you have today's No. 1 trending topic that is #alexfromtarget.

Yes, a young girl tweeted a picture of a long-haired boy, who could be plucked out of any current chart-topping boy band, to show the world wide web how cute her Target grocery bagger was. What happened next is something that's impossible to explain to your grandmother -- or really anyone older than the age of 25.

Alex from Target has all of the ingredients to essentially be every normcore, teenaged girl's dream: Target, shaggy hair, and social media documentation to make it all the more legit.

And that's it. He didn't do anything spectacular that day (that we know of). He didn't even tell stupid jokes Southwest Airlines-style to gain all of this attention. He just stood there and did his job and literally became an overnight sensation.

Rumors began to fly that Alex from Target hailed from a Frisco store, so we did some digging.

The original poster of the picture is from Prosper, according to her Facebook and Twitter, so a 7-mile drive to Frisco wouldn't be out of the question.

Also, the official Alex from Target posted a #wcw picture Oct. 29 with a girl who is wearing a shirt that says Heritage. Heritage High School in Frisco, right? Heritage High School's website lists Lindsey on the school's volleyball team, so we'll go with a yes. (Who said investigative journalism is dead? I feel creepy now.... must go wash my brain with soap...) He also tweeted a picture of a car wreck on Preston that appears to be in the local area.

As of press time, Target didn't have much to give us except what appears to be a standard courtesy email.

"Usually our new weekly ad is what gets people tweeting on Sundays. So imagine our surprise yesterday when one of our Target team members managed to flood the internet with images of red and khaki without even trying. We are proud to have a great team, including #AlexFromTarget, and are in contact with his store and family. We will keep you posted if he is available for comment, but for now, we would ask you to respect his privacy."

Target does love them some Alex from Target, though. If a Taylor Swift deluxe CD isn't enough to get gaggles upon gaggles of young girls into their store, then a cute young boy checking them out (sorry) will do the trick.

Twitter is weird.

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