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Art Conspiracy Presents "Better Gnomes and Gardens," This Friday at Sons of Hermann Hall

I had a really horrible landlady one time in Northern California. For more than a year after I moved out of that house, I fantasized about slowly and stealthily populating her yard with garden gnomes in the dead of night.

It would have driven her slightly mad without being too mean, and it made me giggle every time I thought about her having to haul another round of gnomes off the lawn every morning. But I ultimately decided against it, because even inanimate garden gnomes shouldn't have to live with that woman. 

But gnomes can be used for good as well as evil! This Friday, Art Conspiracy will have their summertime SEED event to raise money for their big-deal fall fundraiser.

They'll be auctioning off some sweet flamingos and garden gnomes that have been "recreated and remixed" by local artists.

There'll also be cocktails, along with music by The Blurries, The Red 100s, and John Lefler (with band). Art Conspiracy will also announce the non-profit beneficiary they're choosing to support this upcoming year. 

The cover is only ten bucks, so Dallas, don your favorite garden party dress or summer spats (I don't know what gentlemen wear to garden parties, sorry, guys) and head down to Sons of Hermann. Because every garden gnome deserves a good home. 

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