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Body Mineral Wraps: Luxurious or Just Confining?

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Of all the things those deal of the day sites have gotten me into, Neema's Body Wraps was perhaps the most confining. Quite literally.

On Saturday I headed off to Irving, home of Neema's Body Wraps, a place billed to pull out toxins while melting away inches. Confession -- I was more focused on the toxin pulling out than anything else. I've been trying to quit smoking now for ... oh, five years or so ... and I'm trying everything.

After braving rain and distance I got to my destination: a nondescript "Spaces Available" office park. I was super early so I did what any normal person would do -- texted my friends and ignored to the fact that I might not be able to get into this very locked office complex. It turns out, I couldn't, so here's a tip from me to you -- if you book a Saturday appointment, ask for the building code in advance. Other clutch details to know before going in: You won't be able to go to the bathroom for an hour, you should wear cotton underpants and a bra without underwire and you'll be standing in a private room in your knickers.

The amazing Grace took all my measurements before she started the wrapping process, which is composed of 10 different zones from ankle to wrist. While the service itself was very foreign to me, Grace made it lovely. She's the kind of soothing quiet person you want wrapping you up like the Michelin Man.

The wraps are like Ace bandages and they've been soaked in minerals and warmed all day. It felt like Heaven when they went on because I was f-f-freezing. After I was wrapped, Grace gave me a plastic top and pants to put on and I'm not going to lie -- I was looking both funky and fresh. The wraps are TIGHT so good news -- you get to work on your shallow breathing and posture.

Grace led me to the wrap room where there are three heated beds, salt lamps and soothing music. The whole experience is unbelievably relaxing and if you go for no other reason, go for that -- one whole hour where you're alone to meditate or explore your thoughts. Of course my thoughts are kind of boring so I feel asleep, twice.

Grace came and got me and we headed back to the private room where I took off the plastic puffies and got unwrapped. Grace re-measured all my parts and I seriously did lose inches. I really didn't expect that to happen, but was wholly impressed.

If you've ever been curious about mineral wraps or just feel like treating yourself, do it. Your skin will feel softer, you'll feel less stressed and you get to wear a bitchin' plastic suit and bake under a heat lamp. This level of pampering was worth every discounted penny.

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