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Catching Up With Disney's New Darling, David Lowery, at the Oak Cliff Film Festival

Donning a dark jean jacket and a New Zealand windswept beard, filmmaker David Lowery returned to Dallas and the Oak Cliff Film Festival Saturday to present a free outdoor screening of Disney's Flight of the Navigator on Bishop Avenue in front of Eno's Pizza.

The screening also included a sneak peek at a new trailer for Lowery's own Disney film, Pete's Dragon, which will premiere in August. Lowery and co-writer Toby Halbrooks (a fellow Dallas native) introduced Flight of the Navigator by sharing anecdotes from their time working with Disney.

They said they chose to revisit the 1986 science-fiction/comedy for the film festival because they "thought it'd be fun to watch again and introduce to an audience who may or may not have seen it before." Lowery and Halbrooks were recently pegged to write and direct the live-action reboot of Peter Pan, and it was nice to see them make a local appearance to promote Oak Cliff and the Dallas film community.

The audience at the screening, comprising mostly parents with children and Oak Cliff boutique shoppers and restaurant patrons, meandered in and out, taking advantage of Four Corners-supplied beer and Emporium Pies.
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Jourdan Aldredge