Actor Chad Cline Pranks Good Morning Texas’ Alanna Sarabia With Bologna Sandwich Recipe

If you got punked on Monday because you forgot for a couple of seconds that it was also April Fools’ Day, you weren’t alone.

Good Morning Texas host Alanna Sarabia was the target of an on-air prank Monday morning on WFAA Channel 8 thanks to Chad Cline, a local actor and Stomping Ground Comedy Theater training center director.

"It was all set up by them," Cline says. "I was just the lucky dummy they called."

Cline appeared on the show as "Chef Chad" under the guise that he would show the viewers how to make some simple meals. The prank started well before Sarabia introduced Cline to her viewers.

He pretended to burn his tongue on some hot coffee behind the camera so he'd have a perfect excuse to do an annoying, tongueless dialect during most of the interview.

"I would be playing a food blogger and doing 'Simple summer foods: the resurgence of the bologna sandwich,'" Cline says. "For the bit, while I was meeting her, I was brought a cup of coffee that we pretended was too hot and burned my tongue badly on just before went on. The prank obviously was that I didn't burn my tongue. I played like it was getting worse and made it difficult to be understood."

Sarabia played interested until Cline pulled back the curtain on his prank even though the segment taught her how to make a bologna sandwich with complex ingredients like mustard, mayo and sliced tomatoes.

"It was a lot of fun and a chance to get Stomping Ground in front of a different audience," Cline says.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.