1 Bedroom House From 'Fixer Upper' On Sale for Cool $1 Million

Today in Things That Will Blow Your Mind And Then Make You Want To Move To Mars: a one-bedroom, one-bathroom home in Waco is selling for nearly $1 million — $950,000, to be exact.

Yes, that Waco.

The reason Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty thinks it can get away with tricking people into believing a 1,050-square-foot home in Waco, we're-not-kidding, Texas, is worth that much is because the home was renovated on Fixer Upper, that HGTV show about Chip and Joanna Gaines, a married couple who renovates homes in Waco.

The listing says the Shotgun House (and you should be shot if you buy this) is within walking distance from the Silos, Magnolia Market and Baylor's McLane football stadium. That's all great, because you won't be able to afford a car or tickets if you buy this house, so you should get used to walking and hearing lots of excitement.

According to the listing, your $1 million (oh my god, doesn't get easier to digest) gets you a house furnished with a "Dutch front door, a 'Big Ass Fan,' 25-foot vaulted ceilings, Bevolo gas light on the porch, brick pad for outdoor seating in front of the branded sugar kettle fire-pit, honed granite counter tops in the kitchen, turquoise Smeg refrigerator, double sinks and counter top in the bathroom poured out of concrete."

On the episode where the house is renovated (season 3, episode 12 — it's on Hulu) Cameron and Jessie Bell buy the house for $24,000 and then spend about $107,000 to have Chip and Jo renovate the home, totaling $131,000. First, the couple put the home on AirBnB for $325 per night and now they're selling it for $950,000.

We're not good at math, but congrats. We're so, so, so happy for you two. Congrats.

Note: This story originally stated incorrectly the name of the listing company for the house.

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