Free Improv Comedy Class Tomorrow At Dallas Comedy House

Maybe you'll try improv but decide sketch is more your scene. Take the plunge and learn a little something.

Are you attracted to the storytelling aspects of comedy but never, ever, ever want to do stand-up? You might be an improv person. There's safety in numbers with improv comedy, but there's also an art to it. You and your troupe exist in an unpredictable, constantly changing scene, so you'll need to learn the fundamentals if you want to keep your footing. Tomorrow night (Wednesday, May 2), you can do just that when Dallas Comedy House gets gracious and offers up a free improv class. (Only the first one is free, kid. If you want to keep hold of that high, you'll need to sign up for a 7 week session.)

It's more than learning how to play off of one another in a pinch; improv teaches you skills that transfer to daily life. (Every office likes someone who responds quickly to situations and doesn't take themselves to seriously.) Sharpen your skills and learn a few more tomorrow night from 7:30 to 8:30, then stay put and watch the regulars flex their morphing muscles in the 8:30 improv jam session. Dallas Comedy House's new season of classes begins soon.

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