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Free Screening of Rampart, Tomorrow

Rampart isn't a "date" film. Don't be so blinded by the word "free" that you go home and tell the misses that the two of you should reconnect with a nice night out at the movies -- unless you like the couch and she enjoys night terrors.

Here's the film's synopsis according to press materials:

Rampart is a brutally honest portrait of a corrupt Los Angeles police officer. Dave Brown (Harrelson) is already the focus of much internal investigation when he's caught on tape beating a black man, sending his already unstable career into a further tailspin. Dave lives with his wife and his ex-wife, who happen to be sisters, but that doesn't stop him from picking up women in bars and going to bed with a lawyer who may or may not be investigating him. As his life spirals out of control, Dave makes one last desperate grab for cash.

Couple of things to note here:

1.) So it's a feel-good movie?

2.) Just for clarification: He beats a black man, cohabitates with sister wives, cheats on everyone, is under investigation, and then his life spirals out of control?

If you like pushing your personal comfort boundaries and want to go see Rampart tomorrow (Wednesday) night at the Angelika, follow this link for the printable pass. Seating is first come, first served. The 30 cold showers required to scrub all of the bad thoughts away are on your dime.

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