Getting Your Photo/Design Kicks Online

I have always liked looking for excellent photography and design in newspapers, magazines, blogs. Lately a recent crop of photo/design related online magazines have caught my eye. Book mark these three bad boys, I have a feeling that more goodness will follow.

1814 Magazine: recently launched and based in Dallas, and founded by Michael Thomas. The first issue features work by Dallas artist Dan H. Phillips and also photographs by Stanley Marcus from the book, Reflection of a Man. Worth a read & a look. Fun photo fact: 1814 is the year that Joseph Niepce achieved first photographic image with the camera obscura.

Refueled Magazine: Publisher/Creative Director Chris Brown, from Fort Worth, Texas calls Refueled "a personal journal of sorts that I just happen to share with thousands of people. Refueled is definitely a personal quest for inspiration and a pure expression of style, music and adventure." Refueled knocks me out with it's americana style. I love it.

Fraction Magazine: based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, edited and published by David Bram, just celebrated its third anniversary. Bram shares his keen eye in featuring contemporary photography from around the world. My photographs of Texas schools were featured in Issue 5. Other Texas photographers featured in Fraction include Tom Leininger, Polly Chandler and Sarah Wilson.

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