His Third Night in Dallas, Conan Rides Andy's Bull and Plays Dress Up with his Producer

Before we continue, I should give you a few reasons to hate me: The only time I've been called into jury duty, it was iced out. I still have my tonsils. Oh, and this week my job includes writing about Conan O'Brien's stop in Dallas. I've always been a Jimmy Fallon fan myself, but watching consecutive episodes of Conan has given me a new appreciation for Big Red. If I had one wish, I'd ask for more Andy Richter. Apparently Conan wishes for a bit more of Andy too. Last night, he hopped on the mechanical bull podium behind Andy for an awkward minute-long ride.

I'd love more Jordan Schlansky too. In another exploration of Texas stereotypes, Conan drags his city slicker producer Schlansky to Chick Elms' Western Store for a cowboy makeover. Every time Conan would bring up an item of Western wear, Schlansky would recite the history of it. At one point when he went on a tear about the term "buckeroo" Conan stopped him to ask if he was narrating a documentary.

While I'm asking for more...more impressions from his guest Simon Helberg, please.

We could probably do with fewer catapult launches and plugs for AT&T.

Tonight at 10 p.m. CST, he's back with special guests Charles Barkley and Lyle Lovett.

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