Housewife Backstab: Fellow Cast Member Reveals LeeAnne Locken Once Chased a Boyfriend With a Kitchen Knife

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Thursday afternoon, Real Housewives of Dallas cast member Marie Reyes tweeted a police report from 2008 that says Real Housewife LeeAnne Locken threatened her ex-boyfriend with a knife and hit him in the face. "LeeAnne Locken has a documented history of violence with knives — so I'm staying away from #RHOD Season 2," Reyes said in her tweet

Reyes' revelation puts another nail in the coffin of her long friendship with Locken, which soured as the pair squared off on the TV show. In one episode built around a trip to Austin, Locken threatened to kill Reyes, who she believed was spreading rumors about her. At least that was how Reyes saw it, but when Reyes and the other women on the show confronted Locken about these threats, she waved them off. "Haven't you ever heard someone in the street say, 'I'm going to kill your ass?' It's slang," Locken says. "It doesn't mean I'm going to take a knife and slit her throat."

Maybe not, but jabbing at a locked door with a knife while someone cowers behind it seems a little less slangy and a lot more scary. That's what Locken's ex-boyfriend Hubert Sebanc said she did to him in the 2008 report he made to Dallas police.

According to the incident report, Sebanc called the police to Locken's home after a night of clubbing. Locken was angry with Sebanc because she thought he was flirting with another woman. When they returned home, she began chasing him, swinging a large kitchen knife at him "in a cutting motion." He locked himself in a bedroom while Locken stabbed the bedroom door.

Sebanc held up the phone to the door so the police dispatcher could hear. Locken left the doorway and returned with sandpaper and began sanding the knife punctures in the door. The noise then stopped, and Sebanc opened the door to see if she had left. Locken then popped up from around a corner and smacked Sebanc in the face, leaving scrapes and redness near his right eye.

Sebanc went back into the bedroom and locked the door. Locken left her house in a vehicle but not before slashing Sebanc's car tire and taking his ID and keys. She was not there when the cops arrived, the report says.

After the incident was reported, Sebanc filed a non-prosecution affidavit. We contacted him by a Facebook message to get his side of the story, but he declined. "O no that girl is crazy please tell me that my name isn't going to be in the observer," he replied.

Locken says Sebanc declined to prosecute because his report was untrue. “If you look at that record you will see that the person who filed it said no prosecution, which means he recanted all of it," she says. "So have I ever been in a relationship that got ugly and the person got completely dramatic? 100 percent. Sure. Have I ever gone at someone with a knife? No. That’s ridiculous."

Locken claimed other people who appear on the show also have criminal records, and it's unfair for her to be singled out. The Observer checked online for criminal records of other cast members, but all that turned up was a 2002 misdemeanor DWI charge against Marie Reyes.

"Fifteen years ago, I made the mistake of driving after having a couple of drinks," Reyes says. "I ended up learning a very valuable lesson and I have never done it again."

Locken insinuates that Reyes has it out for her because she's jealous that Locken is a full cast member on the show, while she is only a "friend to the Housewives."

"I get Marie's and [husband] Angel’s anger toward me," she says. "They want to blame someone for the position that was taken toward them. But the reality is, karma exists. I don’t have the power to make anyone a Housewife or not make anyone a Housewife, obviously. Especially if I’m not even going to be on season two."

However, Locken could not confirm that she won't be reappearing on a second season of the show. While Bravo has already announced a new season for The Real Housewives of Potomac, which debuted at the same time, they have yet to give word on whether the Dallas franchise will continue. We have reached out to Bravo for comment on the second season and whether they knew about Locken's record prior to casting her, but have not heard back. 

While Locken says "there's a high probability" that she will not appear on The Real Housewives of Dallas in the future, a fan blog of the show, Real Mr. Housewife, has been reporting that there will definitely be a second season and LeeAnne Locken is still in the cast. Reyes' tweet Thursday also seems to indicate a second season.

In addition to slang-threatening Reyes, Locken could also be seen on the show yelling at co-star Tiffany Hendra and hitting a moving trolley as it passed. Toward the end of the season she announced she would be entering therapy for anger management. 

And Locken's run-in with police does not make her unique among Real Housewives cast members. In Atlanta,  NeNe Leakes was charged with a misdemeanor and three felony counts of "theft of services"; in New Jersey, Teresa Giudice and her husband were convicted and served time for mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud; and Kim Richards has been charged with public intoxication, resisting arrest and battery of a police officer during her time on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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