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How Dallas Painter Aralyn McGregor Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Art

"It's okay, I don't get art either," Aralyn McGregor claims when asked about her line of work.

After receiving her BFA in studio painting from UNT in 2009, McGregor worked for a while as a middle school and high school art teacher before "retir[ing] at the ripe old age of 25 to pursue painting full-time." One thing she found most humbling about her experiences teaching was a consistent refrain -- even her youngest students frequently doubted their understanding of art and their creative abilities.

"I find that most adults never outgrow this insecurity," she says, "'I don't get art,' or, 'I'm not good at art,' is the most common response I get when someone finds out I paint for a living."

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Brentney Hamilton