Louis CK's Special Oh My God Airs Saturday: Here Are Ten Great Louis CK Quotes

Louis CK's been popping up all over the place, which must mean he has a special coming out soon.

*checks listings*

Aha! It says here there's a new HBO special this Saturday night, in fact, called Oh My God. Which is lucky, because I was just compiling the following excellent quotes from Mr. CK's recent interviews for my own amusement, and now I have a reason to share them all with you. He's a pretty funny and insightful guy, after all.

These are taken from recent run-ins with Rolling Stone, the New York Times, the Montreal Gazette, and yesterday's Reddit AMA.


Reddit -- "How is Ewan McGregor?" -- You'll have to ask Ewan Mcgregor that. I can tell you that his cock is fine. Because it's in my mouth right now. I am not joking. I am blowing Ewan Mcgregor right this second.

New York Times -- Young musicians believe they should be able to throw a band together and be famous, and anything that's in their way is unfair and evil. What are you, in your 20s, you picked up a guitar? Give it a minute.

New York Times -- On social media and the internet - It's a desperate thing to need everybody to be really happy with everything you say. To me the way to manage is not to have 50 versions of yourself -- I do this thing, and the next time you're going to hear me is the next time I do another one. As soon as you crack your knuckles and open up a comments page, you just canceled your subscription to being a good person.

Reddit -- I watched a show where they take you around the ocean floor and they said there are storms underwater more powerful than any hurricane. They could have been lying through their teeth and I wouldn't have known or cared. Awesome.

Reddit -- On Kim Jong-Un -- my feeling is that he is the first self-googling tyrant. I think he says stuff and then checks twitter and google to see how it's going and what people are saying.

Reddit - On iTunes and the Digital Rights Movement -- That shit keeps the money out and the fun in. I like to let the fun out and let the money in, mothafucka!

Reddit -- On telling jokes at his first stand-up - I saw Walter Mondale said on the news "I am ready to be president of the United States. Well. Phew. Finally he's ready." I did that "joke" my first time on stage in 1984. Nightmare.

Rolling Stone -- On being a Mexican citizen and first language Spanish - I grew up in Boston and didn't get the accent, and one of the reasons is that I started in Spanish. I was a little kid, so all I had to do was completely reject my Spanish and my Mexican past, which is a whole lot easier because I'm white with red hair. I had the help of a whole nation of people just accepting that I'm white.

Reddit -- Donald Rumsfeld is my uncle. I'm not kidding. I see him every Sunday at our family meeting. Whoops. I mean. No. I'm not a lizard too. Like him. Oh shit. I better erase this and not press

Montreal Gazette -- All water-fountain sculptors are pedophiles, creating little boys (urinating) on Greek gods who look just like the sculptors.

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