Are Amber and Dave still married?EXPAND
Are Amber and Dave still married?
Nat Chittamai and Kaitlin Hooper/Lifetime

Love Is Alive Because All the Married At First Sight Couples Stayed Married. Sort Of.

Last week, all three Dallas couples on Married At First Sight chose to stay married after eight weeks of wedded bliss hell.

We can't seem to get an update on where the couples are now — Lifetime won't respond to our emails, and the stars of the show have declined our requests for an interview.

Even though all three couples decided to stay married at the end of the eight weeks, it looks like things have already started to fall apart.

According to People Magazine, Mia Bally filed for divorce from Tristan Thompson on Sept. 4, roughly six months after they married at Lucky Spur Ranch in Justin. Their relationship started rocky when Bally was detained at the airport on charges of stalking an ex-boyfriend. The relationship never felt like it was on solid ground, and at one point during the season, Bally and Thompson got into an argument, leading Thompson to throw out Bally's belongings in the hallway. Nearing the eight-week deadline, Bally walked out on Thompson in the middle of the night and told him she wanted a divorce. Through it all, however, they decided to stay together when the three experts asked them. But it looks like it didn't last for long.

Even though we reported in July that Amber Martorana and husband Dave Flaherty were following each other on Instagram, that looks to not be the case anymore. Flaherty blocked this reporter on Instagram, but we still found a way to see the two don't have any social media contact. However, Martorana's profile picture on Instagram is her sporting brown hair, which was an issue in her marriage with Flaherty when she found out Flaherty told the experts he preferred brunettes.

As for the last couple, Danielle Bergmann and Bobby Dodd, their relationship featured no hurdles during the season. When they had to decide their fate in front of the three experts, Dodd proposed to Bergmann, giving her a diamond engagement ring, while Bergmann finally told Dodd she loved him back. Lifetime is airing a Married At First Sight spin-off series, Married at First Sight: Happily Ever After, on Oct. 30 and because the final couple hasn't been announced, it's probable Bergmann and Dodd are it.

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