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Night Court's Harry Anderson Will Perform at a Dallas Magician's Conference

I dare you to find an imperfect moment in this promotional video for the Texas Association of Magicians conference.

Go ahead. Just try. It's impossible.

1.) Opens with mindbending alternative title sequence from Battlestar Galactica? Check.

2.) White gloves frozen in time over classic top hat? Check.

3.) Feathered haired, wild-eyed Tom Foolery posed with megastoner rabbit puppet? Check.

4.) Enterprising man in European admiral's ensemble with female biker bitch counterpart? Check.

5.) Oh, hey... Is that...?


Oh sweet god of dark magic I summon ye.


[Hyperventilates into paper bag.]

It seems Harry Anderson's schedule has loosened up a bit over the last few decades and you're left to wonder what trick hand of fate he's been dealt. The television show he presided over for 8 good years finally crashed back in 1992. Wikipedia says he opened a French Quarter magic shop in the aughts that didn't last long.

Now, he's coming to Dallas to headline this weird festival, proving finally that magic does exist.

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Jamie Laughlin
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