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North Texans Let Their Bumpers Do Their Politicking

These bumper stickers are on a truck in San Francisco, naturally. North Texas does way better than that, according to a Reddit group.
These bumper stickers are on a truck in San Francisco, naturally. North Texas does way better than that, according to a Reddit group.
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Ever find yourself stuck in bottleneck traffic behind a Ford F-150 or a Honda Accord that is covered so heavily with bumper stickers that you can’t even ascertain the car’s color? Even if you agree with the stickers’ messages, such a sight reflects a driver who is (to put it politely) so overzealous in his political ambitions that they can’t even commute to work without letting strangers know how they feel.

Over on Reddit, there is a subreddit titled /r/InfoWarriorRides whose community is specifically dedicated to showcasing such fanaticism. As the name implies, many of these vehicles have bumper stickers of a tinfoil-hat nature, but every once in awhile, decals with liberal messaging make it into the hall of fame. What’s perhaps most telling about these photos is not the cars and stickers themselves, but the fact that many of them have Texas license plates. Often, users who post on the subreddit point out that their photos were taken in Dallas or other parts of North Texas. Take, for example, this SUV that Reddit user /u/justthetop found on Interstate 35-E:

Not to be outdone, this same SUV was spotted by another /r/InfoWarriorRides poster in Iowa the following day:

And if that’s not crazy enough for your liking, perhaps you’ll be partial to this Tiger King enthusiast’s bus, which was photographed in Fort Worth at the height of the Netflix docuseries’ popularity:

The bus reads, “President Trump Please Pardon Joe Exotic” and “Team Tiger,” and sandwiching the former are pictures of the former zoo operator and a tiger. Something tells us this person didn’t watch the documentary, because (spoilers) he isn’t exactly notorious for his humane treatment of tigers. But, of course, this is Texas, and many people in this fine state have a tendency to idolize disreputable characters with a religious tenacity.

Speaking of religion, a Reddit user took a picture of a car in Arlington that has a cross holstered by the truck’s rear window that reads, “Jesus Christ” on the patibulum and “The way truth & life” on the stipe. (Tes, that’s what the horizontal and vertical parts of the cross are called.)

But if you truly want to find North Texas’s Ground Zero for loony rides, look no further than the liberal utopia that is Denton. While only a handful of the cars in the city are even eligible to be posted on /r/InfoWarriorRides, there are two particular vehicles that are the Paul Simon and Daryl Hall of the subreddit: a silver Scion xA and black Ford F-150 that insist heavily on the Earth being flat. These vehicles belong to a TCU graduate named Patrick Burke (don’t expect the school to put that on their brochures), and the exterior of his house has similar décor. Burke is a celebrity (or anti-celebrity) of sorts in Denton, and his vehicles have enjoyed their share of online virality, especially in this subreddit. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here’s a short highlight reel:

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