Our 9 Favorite Pieces of Album Art From Live Fast/Die Slow

NUMBER NINE: By Artist Miggy Aguilar
Live Fast/Die Slow, the visual component to 45 Fest, opened last night. It's made up of 37 pieces, each designed by local artists attempting to capture the spirit of the band Spector 45. The winning work will be used as the album art for an upcoming retrospective release, but really the artists participated and donated because the money generated goes to a great cause.

Designed as a silent auction, everything in Live Fast/Die Slow starts at $45, and cash raised goes to the 45 Fund, a non-profit that provides mental health access to local musicians and artists. The bidding continues at Kettle Art until Saturday evening, so if you couldn't break away from your couch chrysalis last night, you've still got time.

Here's a peek at our 9 favorites.

NUMBER EIGHT: By George Wallace III


NUMBER SIX:By Brandy Collins

NUMBER FIVE: By Brad Albright

NUMBER FOUR: By Cathey Miller

NUMBER THREE: By Scott Mankoff

NUMBER TWO: By Frank Campagna

NUMBER ONE: Amber Campagna

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