Peer Inside: A Look at Dallas' Finest Modern Homes from the White Rock Home Tour

We are architecture addicts. Voyeuristic rubber-neckers. Lovers of clean lines and free-flowing natural light. That's why we're drooling over the White Rock Home Tour, which happens this weekend and benefits local learnin' institution, Hexter Elementary.

The shoes-off affair features five different modern homes in the time trapped geographical area around White Rock Lake, so you'll spend an afternoon taking in views, both inside and out. They've given us an advanced look, so let's explore a few addresses before the doors open on Saturday.

Designed and completed in 2012 by Durham Builders, this Eagle Trail residence (above, below) has an unconventional backyard, where ponies and peacocks roam freely.

Inside you'll find those special touches that cause you to crush on a space, like built-in bunk beds, end tables and shelving. Oh, and breath deep: this two story number features white oak floors in most rooms, plus tall ceilings. That's a lot of space for sunbeams. Plus, how plush is this den?

This newly constructed home on San Benito Way (above) was built by W2 Studio and stretches out to 3,800 sq.ft. (I'd happily shack up in the 500 sq. ft. mother-in-law out back.) Along its exterior you'll find a zen garden, once inside you'll see reclaimed wooden flooring, salvaged from a 100-year old family farm in Louisiana. Coolest feature of this house? A safe room.

Built on an preexisting foundation, this home on East Lake Highlands Drive was designed by W2 Studio and boasts the two most seductive words in the architecture lexicon: roof terrace. And the sluttiest: hot tub.

This. Is. Living. Now, let's take a quick peek at the view from inside.

This authentically mid-century modern home has been lovingly catered to with a thorough interior remodel. (Those French doors are a new addition that helps open up the top level while adding continuity.) Bonus: This house gets the raddest staircase and accompanying rail award. Simply beautiful.

The tour runs on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets range $15 to $20. Get 'em in advance here.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.