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Smellebration: Here's a Big, Stinky Party for Dallas' Foot Fetishists

-- Quick question: How is Austin's only soul/funk band completely dedicated to foot worship, Foot Patrol, NOT playing this party? Somebody make a call, please.--

Sure, it's a niche fetish, but that won't stop Footnight Dallas from rubbing its freshly scrubbed toes all over this city's face on Tuesday, January 22. It's the launch event of a new quarterly series geared towards foot worshipers, and word has it that they've got 22 models booked for the night.

That's 44 feet entertaining a podophilic audience in private rooms, behind photo booth curtains and in live shows. They'll also have two burlesque performances -- is there a glove peel equivalent for high heels?


For the uninitiated, foot worship is one of the more common fetishes centered entirely around non-traditional sexual attraction. For some, the appeal lies in the footwear itself or the costuming of feet (jewelry, painted toes, etc). Others enjoy the more tactile side of things with rubbing, massaging, kissing or smelling the things. Another faction gets off by watching models squish and crush objects with their toes or arches.

Footnight Dallas is a private affair, so get the address by purchasing or reserving a ticket a ticket here. This seems to be a primarily male dominated receiving fetish, so if you're a woman who'd like to earn cash as a foot model, they are casting excited female toes here.

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