Show Your Pride With a Tattoo This Weekend at Smilin’ Rick's

Make that heart sticker permanent this weekend.
Make that heart sticker permanent this weekend. Brian Maschino

Pride month comes to a close this weekend, but that doesn’t mean that showing love and support to all people, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, has to stop. If you’re part of the LGBT community or are supporting someone you care about and want to permanently show it, there is an opportunity waiting for you at Smilin’ Rick's Tattoo Shop in Denton.

At noon Saturday, the shop is having its first pride flash event. You can expect cute, fierce and rainbow art from the artists who organized it.

The idea came from Jordan Townsend and Eliza Johnson, two artists at Smilin’ Rick's. The women pitched the idea to the shop owner, Ian Messerli, and were met with full support.

“I think it’s cool that they want to branch out and do something that excites them and something that promotes them and the shop,” he says. “I’m all for anything that keeps them feeling creative, motivated and excited for the job.”

Townsend and Johnson, who are aware of LGBT history and the hardships endured, wanted show their support to both the general Denton community and their LGBT clients.

“They are loved here,” Townsend says.

So far, the people have received the event positively and are excited, Townsend says. The goal for the event is to have fun.

“I hope to have a great day celebrating everyone,” Johnson says.

Tattoos are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Each tattoo is $60, plus an extra $5 for glitter, and is offered only on arms or legs. Get inked and show off your pride.

Smilin’ Rick's Tattoo Shop, 115 Eagle Dr., Denton
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