The 10 Sexiest Actors and Actresses Heating Up DFW Stages

No doubt about it, getting gorgeous actors into Bible-based musicals and Shakespearean tragedies definitely ratchets up the "let's go see it" factor. Right now Dallas/Fort Worth stages have a bumper summer crop of beauts, male and female, trodding the boards. It's hard to winnow the list to a mere 10, but here goes. And let us know if we left off any of your faves.

Sydney James Harcourt (above), starring in the title role in Dallas Theater Center's Old Testament pop musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, shows off his amazing dreamboatness in a shirtless costume for more than half the two-hour show. (Director Joel Ferrell's no dummy.) So much better than last summer's production of The Wiz, in which Harcourt starred as Tin Man, clad from head to foot in what looked like a large silver carburetor. The guy's a terrific singer, dancer and actor (he was Simba in Broadway's Lion King), but his abs and pecs are stealing focus on the stage at the Wyly Theatre. The coat of many colors his character wears is pretty but what's underneath it is a masterpiece. (Show runs through August 5.)

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Elaine Liner
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