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The Dallas TikTokers You Should Check Out Before the App Is Banned

Stephen V. Tran loves Dallas and wants TikTok users to love it too.
Stephen V. Tran loves Dallas and wants TikTok users to love it too. courtesy of Stephen V. Tran
TikTok has taken over the world. Generation Z loves it for its viral challenges, lip syncs, musical dances and as a platform for expression and activism.  And as much as Gen Z loves it,  President Donald Trump hates it.

The president signed an executive order this month declaring the Chinese-owned app a national security threat, and he promised to shut it down. But, much like the infamous wall with Mexico, we'll just wait to see what happens. (And we'll be browsing through TikTok in the meantime.)

These 10 Dallas TikTokers dedicate themselves to giving you the best Dallas content. For new restaurants, hotels and date ideas around the city, check out these 10 Dallas TikTokers.

Sara Mize created @Dallaslovelist as a platform to share the best restaurants, murals, and bars in the Dallas area. Mize finds these hotspots from local PR teams, the Dallas geotag on Instagram or just driving through neighborhoods like Bishop Arts and Deep Ellum to find new places popping up. After visiting a restaurant or shop, she leaves with around 20 videos, all of which are 2-5 seconds long.

“I film interior, exterior, cocktails, and the food,” Miza says. Branding is essential to Mize; she always uses her brand’s colors — a palette comprising pink, orange, blue, and yellow.

This TikTok account is for all the foodies out there looking for something new. From a CBD Coffee shop in Bishop Arts District to a Korean hot dog joint, there is nothing too outlandish for this Tik-Toker. So scroll through this page and try something weird and crazy.

Follow Stephen Tran for all things Thai, from the best food spots to Muay Thai martial arts. With 14.1k followers and 263.1k likes, @Stephenvtran gives you a look into his life in Big D, and it's much more exciting than yours.

This account is just as clever as its name, showing off the best spots for girls night out and secret speakeasies in Dallas. There are also more pandemic-friendly recommendations for the day time.

Mai Lyn Ngo is serving us all things fitness in the Dallas area. The digital creator and event planner knows Dallas better than anyone and has endless tips on workouts and healthy food spots.

“Just a girl who really loves Texas,”@mycurlyadventures' page is filled with fun date ideas, from aesthetically pleasing picnic spots to lazy Sunday activities.

Katy Roach offers relatable videos describing what it’s like to be a young mom — in the wittiest, most hilarious of ways.

Follow @helenaaa238 for pure comedy gold. Don’t forget to try her viral challenges and see if you, too, can end up on the White House's black list!

This Dallasite shares all the hot spots in the city, from obscure food spots to your next hangout.

Valerie Chay is a Dallas realtor and foodie with a large Instagram following, who recently broke out into the TikTok scene. She is the first to discover the new hip spots in Dallas and as a real estate agent she offers to-die-for decor inspiration.
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