You Can Now Skateboard in Deep Ellum

You can now skateboard in Deep Ellum.
You can now skateboard in Deep Ellum.
Nate Rehlander

Add skateboarding to the list of things you can do in Deep Ellum.

The Point Skate Shop, a one-stop shop for all skateboarding gear and apparel, is now open.

Behind its tinted windows on Main Street, customers are greeted with a variety of shoes, clothes and boards. Then suddenly, their eyes are drawn to bodies rising and falling out of a bowl on the back wall. It spreads across 1,200 square feet with a cradle peaking at a 6-foot drop, and customers can try out new gear or try out some new tricks.

That’s not to say the shop is only open for the most advanced on four wheels.

“We’re not trying to be this exclusive skate shop in Deep Ellum,” says Daniel Brodsky, co-owner of the Point Skate Shop. “We want it to be this neighborhood thing.”

The Point Skate Shop offers classes for anyone wanting to dip their feet, somewhat literally, into learning the finer points of skateboarding. Brodsky says the goal of the one-hour classes is to get a student “skatepark ready" and to gain the confidence to be comfortable in a skatepark without feeling like a newbie, as well as being armed with the ability to do a few basic maneuvers. The classes are available for all ages, but Brodsky recommends anyone from 4 to 40 come in and unleash their inner X Gamer.

The Deep Ellum location will be The Point Skate Shop’s second — its first opened in Fairview roughly three years ago. Brodsky, along with co-owners Nate Smith and Drew Dorbritz, were coming off continued success with their Allen-centric shop when the opportunity presented itself to expand into Deep Ellum. The trio were more than enthusiastic about the prospect.

“Me and the other owners have always loved Deep Ellum,” Brodsky says. “It’s pretty much a dream for all of us to be able to have a store down there. The landlords — we really aligned with their vision for what they’re trying to turn the area into. We wanted to be a part of that.”

Brodsky and the co-owners refer to their shop as full-service skateboarding shop, a place that can appeal to anyone from the hardcore enthusiasts to those curious about the style and culture. Unlike some specialty shops that have a small window of hours, The Point keeps their doors open from morning to late in the evening.

"It’s for everybody,” Brodsky says. “It’s so flexible, and there’s not one specific type of person that skateboards. You think of a skateboarder and like obviously you’re going to stereotype a certain — whatever pops in your head when you think of that word, but the truth is that people of all types skateboard, and that’s why we’re really excited about the area of Deep Ellum specifically, and why we have the hours that we do and why we’re trying to be the shop that we are.”

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