Isn't this fun?
Isn't this fun?
Catherine Downes

Spooooooooky: Haunted Houses To See This Year

October is here and now that the weather in Dallas went from 98 to a cool 96, people are ready to get in the fall spirit. Pumpkin spice is in the water, fake cobwebs are strung from the ceilings and haunted houses are opening their doors for business.

Whether it be returning to a location that’s become a tradition for you and your friends, or a brand new attraction designed to make you scream, there’s a large variety of haunted houses to choose from in DFW. Every weekend of October you could easily visit a few different haunted houses and give your hard-earned money to actors finally putting their stage combat classes to use.

So if you’ve seen every scary movie that’s been filmed and need an extra thrill, take a look at our list of some of the best haunted houses to visit this month.

2511 FM 66, Waxahachie
For those willing to drive to Waxahachie, the Halloween theme park Screams is a well-rounded experience for those looking to be scared. This year the park is advertising completely revamped themes for each of its five haunted houses with areas ranging from Zombie Wasteland to PT Harmum’s Carnival of Chaos.

There’s plenty to do at Screams for even the cowardly members of your group. There are shops to look in, a large food court, carnival games and Scary-oke for people that need to sing everywhere they go. If the haunted houses don’t scare you, watching five pre-teen girls sing NSYNC will turn your hair white.

Dark Hour Haunted House
701 Taylor Dr., Plano
The Dark Hour Haunted House in Plano provides one of the most immersive experiences you will find this year or any other. The attention to detail is unrivaled in everything from the set pieces, to the costumes, to the amount of training each actor undertakes before performing in the house.

The work the artists put into Dark Hour pays off, because entering the haunted house is akin to walking onto a movie set. Even a movie set would have less going on because there can be up to 100 actors waiting to make you scream from all the hidden spots located along the pathway. You’ll want to keep your eyes open to look at all the amazing creations one moment, then squeeze them tight when you realize it’s been a little too long since someone jumped out.

Cutting Edge Haunted House
1701 E. Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth
Touted as being “One of the most terrifying haunted houses in the U.S.” by Yahoo Travel, Cutting Edge Haunted House has been a favorite for the brave of heart who enter its Fort Worth location. It’s a haunted house that isn’t screwing around, so much so that they include a warning letting you know you will be electrically shocked during your time inside. The haunted house is so large, it can take nearly an hour to walk through.

Cutting Edge has received national attention for the size and scope of the attraction, being featured on the Travel Channel and multiple best-of lists year after year. In 2015, Cutting Edge won two Guinness World Records: “World’s Largest Haunted Attraction” and “World’s Largest Haunted House.” That’s an impressive feat, even though those both sound like basically the same category.

Hangman’s House of Horrors
4400 Blue Mound Rd., Fort Worth
One of the longest-running haunted houses in DFW, Hangman’s House of Horrors is back to receive visitors. Located in Fort Worth, Hangman’s House of Horrors is run by volunteers to support different charities. The charities for this year are A Wish with Wings and Victory Therapy Center.

Hangman’s is advertising three attractions this year, the flagship Hangman’s House of Horrors walk-through, which is estimated to take about an hour to complete, a Zombie Outbreak area, and a No Place Like Home attraction, which is designed for younger patrons.

Dan’s Haunted House
501 E. Swisher Rd., Lake Dallas
Located in Lake Dallas, Dan’s Haunted House is serving up another year of terror with a new story line. This year the story is titled “V” and it centers around the Japanese God of Warriors, Hachiman, and his evil magic cursing the house. Expect demons, water monsters and everything in between every weekend through October.

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