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This Week, Covers Start Going Full Frontal


Hey gang. Well, we hope that you weren't too let down from a missing Weekly Tease about seven days ago. The editorial art department (ahem, this singular guy) has been busy preparing (ahem, pulling one's hair out) for all sorts of fun stuff (ahem, no, it's actually fun ... really) like this year's Best Of Dallas and the annual Music Awards (ahem, check out the nominees!).

During our the Tease's absence last week, all us folks here at the Mixmaster thought we should reward our growing audience with more than just a little peek a couple of days before the issue drops around town. In fact, why not go all the way, and show you just what's coming.

So from now on, after we've sent the issue out to the press every Tuesday afternoon, come visit The Mixmaster for your full-frontal preview of this week's Dallas Observer cover. Of course, we'll still try to taunt you just a little, for old time's sake. For the full monty, just jump.

Now that we've blown our load all over your screen, you can rest up, let those bruises heal and pick up your hard copy on stands all over town come Thursday. If you're a glutton for punishment, just visit tomorrow afternoon when the cover story (as painstakingly illustrated above by Mr. Danny Hellman), and when all the rest of the action-packed articles are live for you to do with what you will. Until next time, be good (ahem, or bad, whatever floats your boat).

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