VIDEO: The Inaugural, Unofficial Dallas Observer Fireworks Show

There are few sounds in life more pleasing than the crackle of the night sky on the July 4th.  Apparently this tradition dates back to the very first Independence Day, which was celebrated with fireworks at the request of John Adams (read more in Slate's History of Fireworks). This year, the options of fireworks shows around Dallas are numerous, but here at the Observer we thought we'd give you a little fireworks show of our own. 

Armed with $99 of firecrackers, ranging from smoke bombs, oversized sparklers, and more, Caroline North and I decided to venture out of the city limits and light up the night sky. Special thanks to Patrick Romeo and Art Peña for keeping us from lighting ourselves on fire. And thanks to the luminous music of Rat Rios, who lent us her song, "Rearranged Furniture," for the video, which makes the whole thing look less like a bunch of a amateurs and more like a low-budget music video. 

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