What Lies Beneath

If you think surfers have it bad now with what lurks beneath the ocean's surface, imagine trying to catch a wave 82 million years ago. Sure, a great white shark may seem scary with its rows of razor-sharp teeth coming after you, but you might prefer that rather than a 70-foot-long, 50-ton megalodon coming after you. Not sure what a megalodon is? Look it up, but you probably won't be thanking us later after the Google Image inspired nightmares start to kick in. From what scientists and paleontologists have gathered over the years, the ocean was a much scarier place back in prehistoric times, but don't take our word for it. Check out the National Geographic movie Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure, showing at the IMAX theater at the Museum of Nature & Science, 1318 S. 2nd Avenue, from now until March 3. The animated film will follow numerous prehistoric sea creatures like the Ammonites, which are snail-like squid, and a Styxosaurus, which can best be described as the love child of a T. Rex and an alligator. Scary thought. For showtimes and more information on the film, visit natureandscience.org.
Oct. 18-March 3, 2010
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Sarah Johnson
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